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Broadcaster : APTN

2 SEASONS of 13 episodes of 30 minutes

THAT’S AWSM! is the improbable meeting between a First Nations youth and a celebrity, orchestrated by a friendly, funny, and clever young host. Accompanied by the host and sidekick, the youth embarks on an amazing adventure.

Driven by humour and adrenaline, THAT’S AWSM! is a series aimed at a young audience.

Host : Darcy Waite

Directors : Eric Blouin, Geneviève Brault, Leo Singer, Pepper O’Bomsawin

Writers : Francine Cunningham, Frances Koncan, Brittany Leborgne, Levi Marshall, Leo Singer,

Producers : Stephanie Blanshay & Geneviève Simard-Lévesque

Executive producer : Michèle Rouleau